Splitboard - Amplid Millisurf review

Amplid - Millisurf review

Not just a sexy Board to look at

Overall Score:  8,5 of 10

Score Overview

10-8  points - OUTSTANDING

  7-6  points - AWESOME

  5-4  points - QUITE COOL

  3-2  points - WILL WORK A WHILE

  1-0  points - WELL DONE TRYING

It is not an easy task to write a short review on a Board which has such an appealing shape and remarkable characteristics.

After riding and touring the Millisurf for a whole season in all sort of snow conditions it showed me one thing, it is not just smocking hot to look at.


The Board with its cruse camber shape, the wide 3D nose and the tapered swallow tail feels really well balanced and playful to ride. It has a little increased camber zone underneath the back food which gives it quite some extra pop for shorter turns and tree runs. That makes the board really agile and gives it a unique surf feeling to ride, but when it comes to speed and long turns the board shoes its full potential. The riding behaviour changes from playful to solide edge hold and more direct floating machine. No more burning back leg and drowning nose. Because of it's light weight it might feel different to ride for people who are used do heavier boards but that always depends on the persons preferences.

Don't be fooled by it's powder orientated look, even if you can't really ride it switch, it still shines when it comes to more nasty snow conditions. Because of the narrow tail and the 3D shaped nose the board almost slices trough hard packed snow and crusty layers. It did not seemed to be affected by shark attacks, which caused deep scratches in the base and along the edges. No sign of severe damage or braking considering its light weight construction. Only when it comes to icy conditions the edge hold decreases and the shape makes it a little harder to steer a proper smooth turn. But hey, in the end it is a powder board.


It is almost ridiculous how light the two board half's are in uphill mode! Walking feels comfortable and the centre is balanced well, the tips come out the snow nice and smooth when hiking up the first line and the Tanga construction avoids nasty chipping on the carbon top sheet. The downside with a carbon top coat is, that the microscopic small hair from the carbon fibre attracts the snow much quicker to stick and pile up on your board-half's compared to common top sheet finished boards. It does not happen in all snow conditions, mainly when it's warmer, around 0° or more. When the temperature and the snow is cold then this problem normally does not occur. 


My Advice: to avoid snow sticking on top of your board, at least for more than half the tour, check this out: www.kohla.at 

(spray it on the carbon, but make sure NOT on the base or the sticky side from the skin's.) 

Traversing and kick turns work well. If there is not too much snow on the board the tilting point is placed nicely and the tips are rising smoothly when lifting up the leg. Although in icy and frozen conditions it is wise to bring crampons with you, because of the flat camber, the medium flex and wider board-half's, it decreases the edge hold whilst traversing and the board tends to slip easier.

The Kohla skins, used for the winter, are doing a good job. The ratio between gliding and grip is worth the money. Over the winter although they started to loose there good friction from the start and the glue refused to stick at some places. A little repair and waxing kit was needed. But that happened after almost 30.000 vertical meters. Recommendable skins for an all season choice. 

Overall impression

A Board which can praise itself with outstanding downhill performance in almost all snow conditions and extremely light weight. It is easy to tell that there have been uncountable hours of developing and testing involved, which absolutely paid off in the end.

If you are not the freestyler kind of rider and want to have a fun agile but fast floating machine, than here you go!

Pro's & Con's


  • Handling characteristics 
  • Weight
  • Board with character
  • Up & Downhill Performance
  • Tanga construction 


  • sticky top coat in certain conditions
  • In Icy conditions reduced edge grip

All pictures by Amplid :::next level riding:::

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