The Team & Friends



Ausbildung: Diplomsnowboardlehrer und Snowboardführer. Ausbilder beim Tiroler Skilehrer Verband, FWQ & FJT Judge

Snowboarding since: 1995

Homeresort: Kitzbühel, Gastein

Hometown: Salzburg

Summerjob: Shaper bei "Delight Alliance Surfboards"

Motivation: blue bird, fresh pow, steep 





Ausbildung: Diplomsnowboardlehrer und Snowboardführer. Ausbilder beim Tiroler Skilehrer Verband

Snowboarding since: 1994

Homeresort: Kitzbühler Alpen

Hometown: Söll

Motivation: Nature


Snowboarding since: 1996

Homeresort: Obertauern

Hometown: Salzburg


Snowboarding since: 1997

Homeresort: Sportgastein

Hometown: Wien

The Club A.L.P.S. founded in 2017, based in Salzburg. Our main goal is to spread the awareness about Backcountry Safety and Mountains in general. Therefore we are organising Backcountry Safety Camps, but also we talking about important issues in our blog. This is just the beginning lets make the mountains a safer place. Shoot us a mail, if you want to join and help.