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Know How · 18. Dezember 2020
Ich hab mich lange dagegen gewehrt, Yoga - was soll das Hippe Zeug wirklich bringen? Freestyle Snowboarder schwören mittlerweile auf Stretching und Yoga. Da so viele Spitzensportler mit Yoga ihre Leistung noch weiter nach oben schrauben, habe ich mir dann gedacht, muss ich das auch mal auszuprobieren.

Know How · 22. November 2020
Wie gehe ich mit meinem Mindset vor und während einer Bergtour um? Nicola Thost, Olympiasiegerin im Snowboarden und Mental Coach, hat uns ein paar Tipps gegeben.

Know How · 11. Dezember 2019
General info: Types of hair (Mixed, Mohair, Synthetics) Types of glue (Glue, Vakuum, Hybrid) Look Systems Storage Skin Maintaining : Impregnate/Wax Cleaning Dry

Know How · 17. November 2019
with recipes at the end...

Know How · 08. Januar 2019
Properly planning and preparing for a tour minimises the risks you have going on a mountain and can prevent unpleasant situations and their possible outcomes. This Blog is a Basic guideline of what you have to consider whilst sitting at home preparing for a tour happening in the next days. We believe that careful planing, good preparation, knowledge about alpine risk, possible dangers and listening to your gut-feeling, can prevent a worst case scenario! Nevertheless owning the appropriate...

Know How · 17. November 2018
The range and variety of touring poles on the market is huge. Material, weight, functionality and locking systems vary from pole to pole, which can make finding the ideal pole quite difficult. Briefly evaluating versatile qualities below shall be a tool to you for finding the appropriate stick.

Know How · 09. Januar 2018
Getting dressed in the morning is usually second nature, with not much thought going into it. If you're doing sports however, it can get more complicated especially when you're heading out riding in the backcountry. Thats when your clothing choice can make or break the day ahead. Nowadays we talk about 'Layering', 'Shell', 'Synthetic Fibres vs Merino Wool', etc. When I started touring with my Granddad, he was wearing a wool sweater an old jacked and the only thing I can remember about his...

Know How · 02. Januar 2018
To boost awareness within the freeride community, we have created a little blog as a guideline for preparing backpacks, safety equipment and more...

Know How · 04. Januar 2017
Maintaining the snowboard base is an often forgotten topic but quite necessary if you don't want to be last in the group each run and to keep your precious Snowboard for several seasons. A well serviced board can change it's riding-character for good!! In this Blog we don't talk about a frequent service but how to get the wax of your Board and ready for the next run. Usually a hand waxed base last's longer and is more effective. So don't hesitate of doing a good ''hand job'' although it takes...

Know How · 01. Januar 2017
The warm temperatures are finally over and Winter Wonderland has arrived. So, no time to waste. Resurrect your Splitboard from the summer sleep and get it tuned for the well deserved first Tour. To do so you just need a handful of tools, a little knowledge and some time.