TechTalk · 29. Oktober 2018
10-8 points - OUTSTANDING 7-6 points - AWESOME 5-4 points - QUITE COOL 3-2 points - WILL WORK A WHILE 1-0 points - WELL DONE TRYING

TechTalk · 21. November 2017
Finding the right boot is very hard, and believe me.. We have tried some boots over the years! Not just the flex, dampening and lacing system has to make the boot fit. But the actual boot itself needs to fit well, If it doesn't you will never be happy with it.

TechTalk · 07. Februar 2017
After meeting in Rosenheim to sort out our carpool - our destination was the ISPO Exhibition in Munich. We had planned to meet up with our partners, sponsors and friends. Like little Boys at Christmas we wanted to find out what 2017/18 will bring. New products, toys, gadgets and perhaps make new friends and partners. With our smooth drive almost behind us and on the search of a parking spot, we got pulled over!! After a little chat with two lovely Police guys we were soon on...