Backcountry Safety Camp

There is no pleasure without risk, the Backcountry Safety Camps will bring to light the hazards on the mountain and provide the awareness you need to react in certain situations to minimise the risk for you and your riding buddies. 

This camp focuses on teaching you the necessary backcountry skills, further strategies for risk management which will help you make the right decision when under pressure or before your riding day has begun. This camp is held in German, but we speak great english so just let us know beforehand.

We will cover different topics such as: 

  • A necessary checklist for tour planning and freeriding
  • Avalanche report and how to use it
  • Types of snow and avalanches
  • Wind signs
  • Snow layer investigation
  • Interpretation of external dangers and circumstances
  • How to work with tour planning tools

We will also teach you how to react in case something goes wrong and your buddies are in danger.

  • Avalanche Beacon (LVS) training 
  • Probe techniques
  • Shovel techniques
  • Rescue and first aid methods 


Day 1.

  • Equipment check
    • must haves, good to have, nice to have
  • Alpine dangers
  • Avalanche Beacon, theory & practical 
  • Companion rescue
    • Avalanche Beacon, Probe, Shovel 
  • Weather/Snow
  • Lecture

Day 2.

  • Avalanche report
  • Risk minimising strategies
  • Tour planning
  • Recognise danger triggers
  • Proper behaviour in the backcountry 
    • Strategies for ascend/descent, ...

Agenda may vary due to weather conditions etc.



Download the INFO sheet below

Backcountry Safety Camp - Info Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 254.9 KB


Booking on demand

  • 2 days Guiding, Theory & Practical with fully certified snowboard guide
  • Rental backpack including:
  • Avalanche Beacon
  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Thermos flask
  • Theory
  • Practice



- Lift pass

- Accommodation

- Taxi, Bus if needed

- Food


Slight Freeride knowledge is of advantage.


minimum 4, maximum 8 persons per group