How To - Summer Sleep

The warm temperatures are finally over and Winter Wonderland has arrived.


So, no time to waste. Resurrect your Splitboard from the summer sleep and get it tuned for the well deserved first Tour.


To do so you just need a handful of tools, a little knowledge and some time.


Needed Tools for this process are:

  • Allen Key (for the Clips)
  • Jaw/Ring spanner (for the Clips)
  • Cross-tip screwdriver (for screwed on parts and binding pucks)
  • Wax scraper (to get the Wax off)
  • Wax brush  (to finish it off)


We start off with a ''Snowboard overall check'' to see if there are some forgotten damages from last season.

  • If so, bring it to a service station of your trust and have it fixed.
  • If not than we continue with the ongoing process.


First we need the Allen Key and Jaw/Ring spanner to make sure the screws from the Clips on the front and rear are tightened. If the Clips have too much or too less tension it takes a bit of time to adjust them right.  Make sure you do this correct because it makes a difference for riding and for your Board (for further ''Clip- adjusting'' advice watch the Video above).

Hold the Splitboard against the light to check if the gap in the middle the two Board-halves is equal, if so you have done a good job. 


Next we focus on the parts on top of the Board for the ascent and for the descent.  The Touring Brackets, Heal Rest and Binding Pucks. For this we need the Cross-tip Screwdriver and maybe a little screw glue, which I highly recommend.   I have already lost some parts on a tour and let me tell you, this was not fun!  

The Pucks  need a check to avoid loose Bindings while riding.  For this use the stencil which comes along with the bindings.  Place the stencil on the Pucks and tighten the screws, repeat with the other pair.


Last but not least removing the summer wax from the Base but that is a different story and shall be released in another Blog.


See you soon and till then ''Ride Safe''!!!



Markus & Gerwin

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