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Know How · 04. Januar 2017
Maintaining the snowboard base is an often forgotten topic but quite necessary if you don't want to be last in the group each run and to keep your precious Snowboard for several seasons. A well serviced board can change it's riding-character for good!! In this Blog we don't talk about a frequent service but how to get the wax of your Board and ready for the next run. Usually a hand waxed base last's longer and is more effective. So don't hesitate of doing a good ''hand job'' although it takes...

Know How · 01. Januar 2017
The warm temperatures are finally over and Winter Wonderland has arrived. So, no time to waste. Resurrect your Splitboard from the summer sleep and get it tuned for the well deserved first Tour. To do so you just need a handful of tools, a little knowledge and some time.