How To - Wax Off


Maintaining the snowboard base is an often forgotten topic but quite necessary if you don't want to be last in the group each run and to keep your precious Snowboard for several seasons. 

A well serviced board can change it's riding-character for good!! 

In this Blog we don't talk about a frequent service but how to get the wax of your Board and ready for the next run.

Usually a hand waxed base last's  longer and is more effective.

So don't hesitate of doing a good ''hand job'' although it takes some time and muscle power.

Needed Tools are a sharp scraper and a brush to polish. The brush varies on the snow temperature and snow conditions same as the wax. Soft and smooth polished for the fresh snow and cold groomed slopes. More ruff and with structure for wet and slushy snow in spring. 


To get the wax of your base, split the board and start with one half. With the scraper we start at the nose and work our way towards the tail from the snowboard. Make sure the scraper is slightly tilted against scraping direction do not damage the base- structure.

After the wax is removed and the breath increasing we get to polish the wax into the base-structure. You can to so with a hand brush, which is slightly more work as with the brush adapter for the drilling machine. Both works and is left to your decision. 


With the brush in hand we start at the nose again and work our way in running direction towards the tail. 

Add a little pressure on the brush like you would be down on your knees brushing the floor. Repeat the same process a few times.


Hope that was a little help of ''How to'' but of course that is just a basic information because there is much more to know about a good Board service.


But that is another Blog entry and shell be told another time.

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