Norway - Lyngen

The Lyngen Alps, located way up north in Norway, approximately 1,5 hours north of Tromsø; is one of the best places on this planet for splitboarders. Stunning Mountains, breathtaking wildlife, wide open faces and steep narrow couloirs alongside natural Phenomenons such as the Northern Lights. The list could go on and on, you have to see this place with your own eyes to believe its unique landscape. Accompanied by two Austrian splitboard guides we will spend one week in a lodge in Lyngseidet, a charming little town right by the sea, from here we start our tours and explore the surrounding Mountains. Once you have seen Norway and Lyngen, there is a high risk of getting addicted to this place.

Norway Trip

  • 6 days guiding with fully certified snowboard guides
  • 7x Accommodation with breakfast
  • Splitboard Rental (has to be picked up in Salzburg or Söll, use at own risk
  • Car Rental with Driver
  • Airport Transfer 
  • Safety Workshop
  • Rental backpack including:
  • Avalanche Beacon
  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Thermos flask
  • Pictures from the Camp

The rental gear has to be picked up and returned at Söll/Salzburg. Use at own risk. 


1699 Euro.-



  • Flight
  • Ferry & Fuel
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunch & Dinner (comunity dinner cooking)
  • Drinks


Physical fitness for hikes up to 3 -4 hours per day for 6 days.

Off piste riding skills.

Riding experience up to 35° slope.


min 4, max 6 people per group


1699.- Euro 



18.-25. April 2020

Lyngen Alps, Norway

(Meeting point Tromsø Airport 18th. April 2020)


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