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Splitboarding on Mars!
Adventures · 11. Januar 2017
Mid week and the last day of sunshine before the next big dump of snow arrives, so of course we had to go on a tour somewhere, we decided to hike up the Watzmann 3. Kind (3rd Child). The Watzmann is a mysterious mountain that I can see every day when I brush my teeth in the mornings, and because I am usually away from home at this time of year I have only ever hiked up the Watzmann in the summer, and always dreamed of touring up in the winter so this was the perfect opportunity to finally do it!

Adventures · 07. Januar 2017
Finally it started to snow! After a decade of dry weather (or at least it felt like it), of course every powder addict was excited and with our powder rider instincts no one could hold back and we were all desperate to get those fresh first lines! Unfortunately this was very short lived.. with zero snowfall beforehand this was just a base coat or more so a dusting of the white stuff, hardly enough to go riding in the "pow". But finally after the little pre dusting of snow and a looooong wait...