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Sunset Spray over Beiruth (Lebanon) Foto: Andreas Vigl
Adventures · 19. März 2017
The last Blog was left on a bit of a cliff hanger, to go to Lebanon or not? 'An amazing once in a lifetime opportunity or a stupid idea?' We ignored the latter, instead going on "an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity!". So we travelled to Lebanon to go splitboarding, to get to know and explore the culture and of course to experience something new to us! Ready for every scenario, we even brought our ice axes, crampons & below zero sleeping bags. Because... Well you just never know! I was...

Adventures · 23. Februar 2017
Splitboarding in Lebanon...Not the first place that springs to mind when you're planning your next trip. We received an email from the Skiing Society of 'Mzaar' Ski Resort, which is the biggest ski resort in Lebanon. Inviting us to go along, participate and set up a boarder X together with the Atomic Freeski Team. First two things that came into my mind on receiving this exciting and intriguing invitation: will there be powder we can ride? And a general concern: Will it be safe, as Syria is...

Adventures · 16. Februar 2017
Beginning of this week was our advanced camp that took place in 'Kelchsau'. We began the hike up to the 'Bamberger Hütte' (which was our base for the next 3 days) feeling a little uncertain as to whether we would find any powder after having such warm temperatures and no snow fall for a while.

Splitboarding at it's finest!
Adventures · 20. Januar 2017
The weekend just passed was the weekend of the 'Hahnenkamm Race' in Kitzbühel, where they spend over 1 week preparing the racecourse. Which means that there is absolutely no one riding powder! The week before it had snowed over 80cm and the peak holiday season had ended, and meant that the following days/weeks had great potential. Sunshine was forecasted for the whole week, the only downer being that there was a high avalanche level (3 out of 5).

Splitboarding on Mars!
Adventures · 11. Januar 2017
Mid week and the last day of sunshine before the next big dump of snow arrives, so of course we had to go on a tour somewhere, we decided to hike up the Watzmann 3. Kind (3rd Child). The Watzmann is a mysterious mountain that I can see every day when I brush my teeth in the mornings, and because I am usually away from home at this time of year I have only ever hiked up the Watzmann in the summer, and always dreamed of touring up in the winter so this was the perfect opportunity to finally do it!